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           Start in Business Privacy Policy.
          Our visitors.


          This privacy policy is applicable to any personal information which is given by you to Start in Business ("Personally Identifiable Information") via the web site located at and all its related channels ("the Start in Business site"). "You" shall mean you, the user of the site, "Start in Business" shall mean Walker & Gibson Publishing Limited and the "the Start in Business Site" shall have the meaning as set out above.

          Personally identifiable information is information, such as your name, birth date, e-mail address or mailing address, that can be used to uniquely identify you.

          Anonymous information is not personally identifiable information. Anonymous information is information about how you use our site (such as pages you visit and searches you do). Anonymous information also includes the domain names and/or I.P. addresses (as explained below) of internet browsers that visit our site, the time of day the site was visited, and other non-personal information.

          Privacy Policy

          As an Internet pioneer, we understand the power that the Internet holds for changing your life and making things easier for you and your business. These benefits are at risk if people are concerned about their personal privacy. We are committed to providing you with an Internet experience that respects and protects your personal privacy choices and concerns.

          Our privacy policy and practices are detailed below. Please read them thoroughly.

          We make three pledges to you:
          • We will not release personally identifiable information about you without your permission (except as needed to provide to you the services you have expressly requested). See "third party relationships" below.
          • You can manage and control the information that you have voluntarily provided to us.
          • You can tell us what your privacy questions and concerns are so that we can respond.

          We constantly improve the tools you can use to manage the data that you provide to us. Please refer to this page from time to time to see these new features.

          When using the Start in Business Site you will encounter areas such as games, competitions or chat forums where you may be asked to enter personally identifiable information. Such personally identifiable information will only be used for the purposes stated at the collection point or in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

          Third Party Relationships: Personally identifiable information.

          Start in Business shall not sell or otherwise transfer the personally identifiable information to unaffiliated third parties unless You have authorised us to share it. (The only times when you authorise us to share this information with third parties are; (i)  submissions to the premises or business request service, (ii) when you use an 'enquiry form' to contact one of our advertisers or (iii) when you enter a competition where the prize is supplied by a third party). In all of these, exceptional , cases, your personally identifiable infomation is only sent to third parties or a third party that is directly involved in fulfilling the requirements of your request.

          If applicable, You will have the opportunity to indicate whether You would like to "opt in" to receiving promotional and/or marketing information about other products, services and offerings from Start in Business.

          We have never, and will never, sell any of our users' personally identifiable information to third parties for the purposes of their own direct sales promotions or mailing lists.

          If you have authorised us to share your personal information and have changed your mind, contact us stating your wishes.

          When we share your personal information with other companies, they can use this information but cannot use this information with other information they have about you or share this information with other companies or people without your express permission.

          With regards to the premises or business request service.

          All commercial estate agents, business transfer agents, surveyors, accountants and other parties affiliated to the business and premises request network have agreed to the terms of the Start in Business privacy statement.
          However, if you suspect any misuse of your personally identifiable information from these or any third parties associated with the Start in Business site, contact us immediately and we will investigate the matter accordingly.

          Use of Anonymous Information.

          Start in Business reserves the right to perform statistical analyses of user behaviour and characteristics in order to measure interest in and use of the various areas of the site and to inform advertisers of such information as well as the number of users that have been exposed to or clicked on their advertising banners.

          Start in Business will provide only aggregated data from these analyses to third parties. Start in Business is not responsible for any actions or policies of any third parties who request personal information and users should check the applicable privacy policy of such party.

          You should be aware that information and data may be automatically collected through the use of "cookies". "Cookies" are small text files a web site can use to recognize repeat users and allow Start in Business to observe behaviour and compile aggregate data in order to improve the Start in Business Site and to target its advertising. Cookies do not attach to Your system and damage Your files. If You do not want information collected through the use of cookies, there is a simple procedure in most browsers that allows You to deny or accept the cookie feature.

          User Updates, Amendments and Corrections.

          You may notify Start in Business of any updates, amendments and corrections to previously collected Personally Identifiable Information by using the 'Contact Us' Form on the Start in Business Site.

          Further, upon Your request, Start in Business will use commercially reasonable efforts to delete Your personally identifiable information from its database; however, it may be impossible to delete Your entry without some residual information because of backups and records of deletions.

          Start in Business reserves the right, at any time, to modify, alter, or update this privacy policy and any changes shall be notified to all users.

          Should You have any further questions regarding the use of Your personal information or have any comments on the nature of its use, please contact us.

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          last modified: Jan 18th, 2005

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